The show was extremely hilarious! We had an awesome time with all of the comedians. My friend even told a drop the Mic Joke. The audience was engaged and there was never a dull moment.

DeIedre Jones

I have attended many shows presented by Mike and Managerumic Productions, and I have never been disappointed! The talent is always GREAT & the shows are presented in an organized way, from beginning to end. Thanks for bringing this entertainment to Tallahassee. It was definitely needed!

Willette Wilkerson

The event was amazing ! Me and my auntie loved it it’s great for the mind and soul it was funny we came and laughed had a great time and it’s all love at the end we all looked important and we’re treated so kind and genuinely . Issa vibe

Joahan Jcee Chick

Had a great time in Tallahassee at the event that Managerurmic hosted on 8/24. One of the most welcoming event I had ever went to. Great food,Great Show.And the Atmosphere in the place was all Love. Thank’s Managerurmic and Staff well done !!!

Jim Sunday