Manageurmic Productions is the brain child of CEO, Michael Miller.

Mr. Miller launched Manageurmic Productions in 2013. He patented the company and began booking events to showcase artists contracted under his company name. He partnered with local artists and promoted their musical projects. The events may have begun with musical bookings (for singers, rappers and bands), but it has since evolved over the years to include stellar comedians. Manageurmic Productions began its Manageurmic Presents series highlighting the Come Get Your Laugh On comedy shows. CGYLO comedy shows were birthed from the CEO’s desire to expand the company’s audience. CGYLO is a comedy show typically consisting of a host comedian, feature comedians and a headliner. The patrons are provided with a professional presentation of comedy, music they can enjoy, delicious food if they choose to attend as a VIP guest, and a “grown folks” good time in a safe environment.

From the popularity of CGYLO, Manageurmic Presents ventured into a comedic tour that specialized in clean comedy. This tour “Two Cousins and a Mic” has been successfully marketed to churches, community organizations and family friendly events. The Manageurmic Presents series has fast become not only a community favorite, but a favorite abroad. Manageurmic Productions is a professional company committed to presenting services and events in the spirit of excellence.

Please see our contact information if you are interested in booking Manageurmic Productions for any event or for any of our services.